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Sustainability Report

FxWealth Group, Inc recognizes the importance of empowering the Society and is committed to supporting the local communities on our area of operation. As from our Projected operations across Africa, we expect to impact the local communities through a number of ways, not only by stablishing employment opportunity to the locals who have better understanding of the local market and its people but also by improvement of the local areas arounds operational coverage to minimise the environmental impacts.
Part of its business operations in Africa will be based in South Africa, but also in Tanzania and Kenya both members of the East African Community. As we continue with business operations and development of the projects, the Corporation believes that’s it is critical that the local community is an integral stakeholder in the long-term sustainability of FxWealth Group, Inc. We are focused on adding business oriented value beyond the financial contributions made to the local community and Government through taxation.
In line with the Government Guidelines, the Corporation has a profound strategy covering Education to the community, health and employment (people development), and developing sustainable commercial projects. Research studies and assessments from our professional support will ensure that the Corporation fully acknowledges the needs of the local communities and it is the intention to, where ever practical, form partnerships with organisations who can assist in delivering sustainable value to our Corporate Social Responsibility program.
FxWealth Group, Inc has created a number of open opportunities for the locals and has already employed local residents that also assist in running local operations as from their better understanding of the local community they serve.

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