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Our People

We believe Corporate responsibility also involves our own people, employment practices and maintaining equitable treatment across all levels of our organisation. We have a strong company working culture with shared value formulated by our pioneer founders, Board and Corporate President.
FxWealth Group, Inc has an objective of training and employing local residents and thereby yielding direct and sustainable benefits to the local communities. The local employee coverage is over 75% of FxWealth Group, Inc and the rest are other national employees provided the opportunity to work as they qualify with the potential skill set required.
The Company has instituted various training and development programs in an effort to upgrade the skill level of all employees. The goal is to have a workforce where each individual takes full accountability for his/her work colleagues’ safety and the critical role he/she plays in the success of FxWealth Group, Inc.
We believe in taking care of our people who play a critical role in the success of our business. We value everyone’s contributions made by the Corporate team and aim to cultivate a positive working environment for our employees by always sharing our success through participation in the opportunities we have including empowering our employees with various benefits from the corporation inclusive of all expenses coverage but also uplifting our employees through our high end pay grade programme beyond the national average and exclusive Long-term Incentive Plan and Bonus Plan that keeps everyone motivated and working towards our corporate objectives.


FxWealth Group, Inc acknowledges the benefits of diversity and the value that it brings to the Corporation. We aim to maintain the right balance of the team, working with people who are highly skilled and experienced who also deliver sense of professionalism to the business. By having all that we can be able to have a great cream of people with skills, experience and knowledge in the Board of Directors and the team.


Unlike traditional investment companies we have a dedicated internal investment management team whose entire focus is on creating long-term value for our shareholders. Our employees are fully aligned through our remuneration policy, ensuring that outperformance is suitably recognised in both annual bonus and Long-term Incentive Plan awards.

Our Great Minds

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Mathew Paul

Graphic Designer

Steve Berg

Creative Director

Eliza George

Web Developer

Michael Morris

Chief Executive

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