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Our Business Model

As a Corporation we believe in having an Open and straightforward business model, that creates both transparency, and delivers unlimited value to our shareholder investors, this is crucial so our investors can focus more about their income while we take care of everything. By owning a diversified investment portfolio that generates a stable income stream, we then have the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and deliver value to our stakeholders through the business cycle.


All Investors becomes stakeholders in the corporation through their investments.
Through secured investments the Corporation acquires more financial power
through Banks & Corporate Lenders as to encourage business continuity.
Investments provides long term sustainability of the corporate operations
covering our vetting process as to acquire best income producing portfolio
available on the market while maintaining its quality standards during portfolio acquisitioning.


The Corporation manages the Investment portfolio for years, during this time it
cultivates its potential portfolio value to the occupiers as they generate cash-flow
collected through rent which are profits from investment operations.


The Corporation diversifies its investment through a number of different
investment classes and investment portfolios from Industrial,
Residential(Multifamily) and Commercial Office Potfolios that allows the corporation to create income stream from different diversified investment sources and also spreading away the investment risk. It is only by operating this way where we are assured of Cashflow from our Investment portfolio as to create value for our shareholders. We adapt to our capital structure program by utilising debt effectively to achieve our objectives and returns. We aim to maintain a stable dividend policy, that aims to generate surplus cash flow for our investors and allow them to invest back into the portfolio.