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Our Buildings and Occupiers

As part of our Investment process, Managing our portfolio is a crucial aspect and is one of the most important things we look forward to their sustainability. As part if our responsibility is also to manage the properties/ portfolio we build/acquire for its long term sustainability, as we also recognise that commercial, Industrial and residential buildings in the United states are part of key source of emissions and so we have a duty to its control and procurement of better ways and facilities to help reduce the environmental impact of our portfolio.

Within our business model sustainability is integrated as on how we can operate while also focusing on the environment.

We continue to assess the performance of our portfolio, working with our sustainability measures to help us engage with property managers and occupiers to implement sustainability improvements at each asset.
Sustainability initiatives have been incorporated into all of our maintenance and refurbishment schedules, including renovations and replacement of equipment and building management systems to keep our property portfolio in good condition.

Our Great Minds

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